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Equipment Inspections:

We can arrange to come out and inspect customers equipment or have experienced mechanics or dealers to perform a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. A detailed report would be presented to our customers.

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We provide a variety of appraisal services for construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and road trucks and trailers. Appraisals for contractors, CPA’s, attorneys, banks and other financial institutions are available and we can provide desktop options or on-site appraisals.

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REM purchases equipment nationwide and sells to the global market. We have shipped equipment to over 30 countries. We understand export and import requirements and standards.


We have delivery available within the U.S. The cost depends on the size of the load, its weight, permits required, escort required, etc. Our fees are extremely competitive and we work with several trucking companies that back haul at reduced rates.

Storage of Equipment:

For heavy machinery businesses, efficient equipment storage services are crucial. Our storage facilities offer secure, climate-controlled spaces equipped to accommodate various heavy machinery sizes. With tailored solutions for short or long-term storage needs, our facilities ensure optimal preservation and easy accessibility of equipment.


Our consulting services cater to your heavy machinery business needs, offering strategic guidance on equipment acquisition, optimization of operational processes, and technological advancements. We specialize in analyzing market trends, recommending cost-effective solutions, and providing tailored strategies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall business growth within the heavy machinery industry.

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Our heavy machinery business offers comprehensive auction services, facilitating the sale or purchase of diverse industrial equipment. With a proven track record, we manage auctions professionally, connecting sellers with potential buyers globally. Our streamlined process ensures fair market value, attracting a wide range of interested parties. 


Our heavy machinery business specializes in comprehensive brokering services, facilitating seamless transactions between buyers and sellers within the industry. With an extensive network and expertise, we connect businesses with the right heavy equipment, offering transparent negotiations, evaluation services, and tailored solutions to meet specific needs. 

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We can ship equipment to most ports in the world and coordinate roll-on roll-off, containers, customs clearance and marine insurance. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry because of the volume of business.

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We can pack equipment into containers near all major United States ports. This allows for quicker shipments and cost savings for the customer.

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We do offer financing. We have financial partners that can provide equipment financing options for you based on various factors including your business needs, monthly budget, time in business, credit tier, equipment cost and equipment type. The rates are some of the most competitive in the industry.

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